Green Energy ($10 bottle)

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Green Energy has a unique blend of botanicals to optimize oxygen flow, infusing your body with natural energy. 
When your red blood cells are energized with oxygen, you don’t feel fatigue, never have post-meal sluggishness, and can perform at your peak first thing in the morning and into the night. 
Once an athletes’ secret, now you can optimize oxygen flow to power through your workouts and your workday with natural energy.

  • Organic green tea extract delivers beneficial antioxidants to get your metabolism moving.
  • Plant-based proteolytic enzymes help promote the breakdown of undigested proteins for optimal oxygen flow.
  • Green Energy is low in caffeine (approx. 2 mg a serving) and is stimulant free, so you can take it day or night for an energy boost and still sleep soundly.
  • Nothing artificial is added. Vegetarian. Always non-GMO

Green Energy and the Spike Protein:

Recently Dr. Peter McCullough and his science team discovered Nattokinase and Bromelain can be very efficient for removing spike proteins and blood clots.
Dr. Peter McCullough`s recommend protocol:
2x 2000 FU of Nattokinase, 2×500 PU of Bromelain
Green Energy from Touchstone Essentials has 10.000 FU of Nattokinase and 2.500.000 PU of Bromelain per serving (2 capsules). Quality and concentration are what sets this product apart!


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