We are a diverse group of individuals, each bringing our unique perspectives and experiences from different corners of the globe. Despite our different backgrounds and locations, we discovered a profound connection and shared passion for driving meaningful change. Together, we are driven by a collective vision to elevate the digital landscape through transformative collaborations and authentic connections.

Why work with us


Partnering with us means gaining access to exclusive promotions on products that promise tangible improvements in your audience’s lives. By offering these transformative solutions, you’ll not only deepen your connection with your followers but also earn their enduring trust and loyalty. Additionally, our generous compensation plan ensures that you’re rewarded handsomely for your efforts, providing a steady income stream for the long term.


Choosing to collaborate with us offers a unique opportunity to redefine traditional agency partnerships. While our compensation plan may differ from the norm, it presents a more lucrative option, especially with the right influencers on board. Even if promotion efforts ease, rest assured that your agency will continue to receive compensation, providing stability and profitability in the long run that you won’t find elsewhere.

As an Influencer, partnering with the Influencer Elevation Network has provided me with a revenue stream over the last three years that has paid all of my bills every month, allowed me to pay off all debt, and create a substantial savings account. Influencers who promote these life changing health products can expect a happier and healthier audience along with high potential for financial freedom. What more could you possibly ask for? Working with the Influencer Elevation Network has been completely life changing for me, both financially and on a personal heartwarming level. After reaching out to my network, I have since helped change over 100,000 people's lives through trying out the products through these incredible offers.


Savannah Alalia

Savannah Alalia is Italian, Russian and English, born in Ecuador, she travels the world teaching and speaking but lives in the west country in the UK.

Author of HumanFood101 which was written after her long journey to health and to help people live a healthy lifestyle. She shares the best tools she has come across for detox, anti-aging and wellbeing. And after nearly 30 years of working in this industry she is still obsessed with how to do it all naturally.

Anna Rodgers
Australian born Anna Rodgers is the author of Toxic World Toxic People – a book she wrote after being poisoned by heavy metals which almost ruined her life. After discovering zeolite Anna started to gain her health back which led to a passion for helping others detox. Since then, Anna has focused on spreading the word about the miracle of zeolite and has achieved 7 figures in the digital marketing space working with Touchstone Essentials.
Anna Clift
Currently living in Glastonbury, UK, Anna has spent many years travelling and living overseas. She brings her diverse experiences and passion for service together to create memorable, high-quality experiences that resonate personally with each client. Her commitment to client satisfaction is complemented by her love for problem-solving, whether it’s through cryptic crosswords, escape rooms, or event planning!
Alice Ewart

Living in 5 countries and counting, she’s the atomic blonde with a passport stamped with adventures, but she still calls Australia home. With a degree in BioMedical Science and 10 years experience in the functional medicine/anti-aging industry, she has seamlessly merged her knowledge of health & wellness into the digital marketing world.

She’s also on a mission to launch an online business, aiming to restore the cosmic balance of masculine and feminine energies – because why settle for conquering one realm when you can conquer two?

Jenni White
Jennifer loves to work with passionate people who get excited about life. She naturally inspires an aliveness in others, and for her everyday is about dancing to the beat of your inner purpose. Life is way too short not to. She works out of a room with plants and an abundance of sage and palo santo to escape the madness of teenage children.
Jordi Eccles
Jordi, a 27-year-old Sales Professional who’s got a thing for getting up at 5am and going training, whether it’s kayaking, snowboarding, or mountain biking. He lives life with a laid-back vibe, and is all about getting the job done and going the extra mile. When he’s not training, you can catch him enjoying a proper coffee.